Running a successful business requires money, time and effort; therefore, it can be difficult to recover when you lose everything you worked hard for. For this reason, it is crucial to keep your business as secure as possible, and it starts with the locks. It means that you should have a commercial locksmith on standby to help you with emerging lock issues. However, most business owners do not know when to call a commercial locksmith. This article highlights instances when you should call a commercial locksmith

Opened New Premises 

The objective of any business owner is to grow their establishment and expand operations. While you can build a new facility, leasing one is considered a more cost-effective option. In most cases, a leaser provides you with your set of keys to their premises. However, while you should trust a building owner, you should prioritise the security of your assets. Thus, it is advisable to call a commercial locksmith to make a new set of keys and locks before moving into a new business premise. This way, you do not have to worry about unauthorised people gaining access to your new facility, especially in a different city or state.   

Need a Master Key 

Part of running a business entails managing access to different sections of your premise. Typically, managers and administrators carry separate keys for different entries. However, keys can be cumbersome and frustrating to carry around, especially for security personnel. Therefore, a commercial locksmith can help you by making a master key, which comes in handy when entering a room or building during emergencies. For instance, if a store manager is running late and cleaners cannot access their cleaning equipment, you can use a master key to save the situation.   

Upgrade Your Locks 

A deadbolt and a key lock can help keep burglars away from your premises. However, criminals have learned how to quickly get around archaic lock systems, which is why many business owners are installing electronic locks on their front doors. Nonetheless, electronic locks still need regular updates to deal with existing security bugs. The good news is that a commercial locksmith can help you conduct timely upgrades. However, you must choose a commercial locksmith who understands the inner workings of the electronic locks on your doors. If a commercial locksmith is not familiar with your electronic locks, they might take time to address the issue and cause unnecessary delays.