While every little kid growing up in Australia memorises the number for police, fire and ambulance services by heart (000) that is generally the only emergency number most people think they need. In actuality there are quite a few emergency numbers that are helpful to have stored in your mobile phones contacts and several of them could even save your life. While it may seem like a needless precaution, as you can just search a number in an emergency anyway, this search process can take a lot of valuable time that, in some cases, may cost you a lot of money or allow your condition to deteriorate. Doing this research before an emergency, and having the numbers ready to go, will save you time when you most need it. Here are three numbers you should never delete from your phone.

1. Emergency Locksmith

Getting locked out of your home or work can be a nightmare, especially after a long day or night, and when it happens, you just want to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. Emergency locksmiths can get out to most locations within the metropolitan cities of Australia in much less than an hour. In winter, this can be especially necessary as the cold can start to become a real nuisance and you risk getting the flu the longer you are outside at night. This can also be a big problem at work where you might not be able to start the business of the day for several hours, costing you a lot of money. An emergency locksmith can have you back on track within an hour, far less than a regular locksmith. 

2. Poison Control

Poison control and poison hotlines are much more specialised services that can help walk you through how to approach the possibility of being poisoned. While emergency services may provide some help on the phone, poison control operators have a much better knowledge of this area, and this could be crucial in the first few minutes. If your child has drunk a cleaning liquid or taken some pills that look like candy this is the number to call. Each state and territory has different numbers, and there are some national options as well, so make sure to get the relevant one for yourself!

3. Pest Control

Pest control or animal removal are very valuable services, especially in Australia where a number of local animals can be dangerous if left unattended in residential areas. Snakes, spiders, foxes, stray cats and other, large groups of insects can pose a threat and generally need to be reported to pest or animal control. Don't try and approach wildlife by yourself, while it may look harmless and it can be a hassle to call for help, you should never risk your health when you don't understand the full danger.