Problems with starting a vehicle are typically associated with a worn battery, so motorists tend to seek out jumper cables as their first resort. However, not all issues with the starting of your vehicle are related to the engine. In some instances, what you may need is the services of an auto locksmith as it the vehicle's key or ignition that has developed an issue. The following are some of the mechanical reasons why your car will not start when you put the key in the ignition.

The car key is damaged

Before you start suspecting that your vehicle's electrical components are causing your car not to start, you should begin with inspecting the car key for signs of visible damage. Even minor chips or bending of the car key would affect how it fits into the ignition's cylinder, and this would make the key defunct. If you have a spare key, you should try to fit it into the ignition and see whether your vehicle will start up. If your spare key is also not working, then it is likely another issue is what is causing your trouble.

The ignition switch has malfunctioned

If the car key is in excellent condition, the next place to resume troubleshooting issues with your vehicle starting would be the ignition switch. When the ignition switch has become faulty, the problem will typically disguise itself as stemming from your car battery. A simple way of checking whether the battery is working is by trying to turn on your headlights. If they turn on, then it is more likely that your vehicle is not running because the ignition switch has been compromised. The best course of action for this would be to call an auto locksmith who will possibly recommend having the ignition switch replaced.

The ignition cylinder is damaged                                                                              

Another reason why your vehicle will not start when you use your key is if the ignition cylinder has acquired structural damages. To troubleshoot this, you should check whether your key works when trying to unlock the doors, the boot or the glove compartment. If the key is working in this cylinder but is not switching your vehicle on, then there is a high likelihood that your ignition cylinder would need to be replaced. Damages to the ignition cylinder tend to happen when multiple keys have been used to access it for a prolonged period, but it can also wear down simply due to ageing and overuse. 

Contact a local auto locksmith for further assistance if your car key is not working.