An electronic car lock is a keyless system of door operation, which allows people to remotely lock and unlock their cars with a handheld, remote controlled device. This no-touch/automated system of car door operation is more convenient compared to mechanical or manual operation with physical keys.

If your car key remote/fob stops functioning and denies you access to the vehicle, you can be greatly inconvenienced, especially if you were rushing somewhere important. Luckily, you can fix the issue with these easy DIY tips.

Start with the obvious — the batteries

What's the first thing you check when your TV remote control stops working? The batteries, of course. Car key remotes are no different. They are powered by batteries that wear out at some point due to everyday use. If you can't remember the last time you changed batteries, trying out new batteries is a great way to determine whether the problem is with the old batteries or the fob itself. If the fob works with the new batteries, it means that you simply required a change of batteries. If it doesn't work, then the device itself may be faulty. 

Before changing batteries, make sure you use the right types. You can find all the details you need to purchase replacement batteries included on the exteriors of the old batteries. 

Check various components for possible damage

Car key fobs comprise various components, which all work together to ensure you are able to lock and unlock your car doors when you need arises. But due to frequent use, these fobs eventually get damaged at some point. The most vulnerable parts are the battery terminals/contacts and the buttons. To find out where the problem is for sure, you will need to disassemble the remote device and carry out a thorough visual check. 

In most situations, you can tell that your battery contacts are faulty by simply looking at them. If they are loose, you should solder them in place. If they are corroded, they will need to be replaced. If the battery terminals are intact, you may find that the buttons on your fob are loose. If that's the case, they may also be soldered back into position. If some buttons have come off and are missing, you may need to consider getting a new fob.

Re-program your fob

If the above-provided steps do not work, then your car key fob may need to be re-programmed. Your car owner's manual contains instructions on how you can re-program your fob. Follow those instruction step-by-step so you can successfully perform the re-programming task.

If you do not feel confident about repairing a faulty car key fob by yourself, it is best to let a professional car locksmith do the job for you.