A large glass window is a fabulous way to show off part of your restaurant or showcase some of the items in your shop. However, it can also be an area of vulnerability. Unfortunately, vandals or thieves may occasionally try to break your shopfront windows. To avoid that, take a look at these tips.

1. Install Security or Laminated Glass

If you're in the market for new commercial window, you may want to look into security or laminated glass. Depending on the manufacturer, this type of glass generally features several layers, and it is impact resistant.

In most cases, that means that the glass can be broken, but it won't fall apart. In other words, you may have to deal with broken glass, but the vandal won't be able to enter your facility.

2. Add Security Film

If you're not in the market for glass replacement, you may just want to add security film to your existing window. Security film can be installed by yourself, or you can pay a professional to do it for a more streamlined look.

Again, like security glass, security film holds the glass together. It may crack if a heavy object is thrown at it, but it still holds its shape, preventing intrusion.

3. Light It Up

Lights deter thieves and vandals, and it's a simple solution to try. Hang some lights inside the window to illuminate your window display, or put in lights outside. When people are visible, they aren't as likely to break into shops or homes.

4. Hide or Protect Valuables

The objects behind your window can also impact how likely people are to break your glass. To be on the safe side, consider not displaying anything very valuable in the windows. Alternatively, lock up valuables behind the glass. For example, if you have jewelry displayed, you may want it in a locked box behind the glass. As long as the box is also secured to the floor, it is hard to steal and thus not as tempting to burglars.

5. Repair Issues Immediately

If your storefront window has cracks or holes, you should repair them immediately. When something is already damaged, it tends to become even more attractive to vandals. Also, when the window is compromised, it's easier to break.

To learn more about protecting your storefront windows or to set up emergency glass replacement, contact a glass professional for ideas and options today.