When you are looking for self-storage solutions in order to store your extra household items, your number-one priority should be security. In that regard, it is good practice to make a visit to self-storage facilities you are considering renting a storage unit from, so that you can choose a facility with the best security measures. Here are a number of crucial factors to look at when assessing the security of a self-storage facility.

  1. Fencing: A perimeter fence is usually the first line of defence against intrusion into any property. Therefore, it is the first thing you should check when you visit a self-storage facility. The fence should be installed around the entire property and it should be robustly built so it can offer maximum resistance against unauthorised or forceful entry. When the property has been completely fenced in, it is unlikely that intruders will find their way inside. 
  2. Accessibility: Ask those in charge of the facility to tell you how their clients access the facility. Do they provide a gate pass that each customer can use whenever they need to enter and leave the property? Do they assign security guards at the gate to check who enters and leaves the property? What kind of door locking mechanisms are used on the self-storage units? What are the hours of operation? These are some examples of questions you may need answered so as to evaluate the security of the facility and storage units offered for rental. 
  3. Surveillance cameras: At the very least, there should be a security surveillance camera installed at the main gate to keep an eye on who comes into and goes out of the premises. But it is important to ensure that every corner of the facility, including hallways and loading areas, is under video surveillance 24/7. That will discourage would-be criminals from breaking into storage units because they will know that they are being watched and, if they break into the compartments, video recording can be used to identify the culprits and make arrests.
  4. Management staff: Those in charge of a self-storage facility should be available 24/7 to handle any security issues that may arise on their premises. Quick response to security problems can help find timely and effective solutions to most problems that may arise during or after operating hours. 

By considering the above-discussed security determinants, you stand a good chance of renting a self-storage unit from a facility that can provide you with adequate security.