Are you worried that your newly installed sliding glass door may provide an entry point for intruders? Read on and discover some of the options that you can consider in order to make it harder for intruders to break into your home using the sliding glass door.

Change the Lock

Sliding glass doors usually come equipped with weak latches and locks. This vulnerability is often exploited by intruders to break into homes that have sliding glass patio doors. Your first course of action should, therefore, involve changing the lock so that a sturdier one is installed. That new lock can be installed on the lower track of the door. This installation site can allow you to retain the lock that your door was made with. You will then be sure that intruders will not easily break into your home if the sliding door has two locks or one strong lock.

Install Security Bars

Another approach that you can consider is adding security bars to the sliding glass door. Those bars can be installed in the door track without any other alterations to the door's operating mechanism. However, this option comes with two possible shortcomings: First, it may be costly to buy and install strong security bars that can withstand the impact of someone that is trying to force the door open. Secondly, some homeowners may see the security bars as impeding their enjoyment of the view through the glass door.

Replace the Glass

Was your sliding glass door made using single-pane glass? Such glass can be easily broken by intruders. You may, therefore, have to replace that glass with wire-embedded glass or double-paned glass. These two types of glass cannot be easily broken in order to gain access into your home. However, the cost of replacing the glass may be so high that you may be better off buying a new sliding glass door that has superior security features when compared to the one that you had initially installed.

As you can see, changing or adding another lock to your sliding glass door appears to be the easiest option to implement in order to improve the security of your patio door. It is, therefore, advisable for you to get in touch with an experienced mobile locksmith so that they can discuss the pros and cons of the different locks that you can use on that door. You can then use that information to make the best decision regarding how to keep intruders from using the sliding glass door as an entry point.