Being unable to access your vehicle due to lost or broken keys can be quite frustrating. Thus, since it would be a matter of urgency to get new keys, some motorists may make the decision to choose the cheapest electronic key replacement that they come across. Typically, the lower priced options tend to be aftermarket keys, and although they may seem economical, they could end up being a complete nightmare. Below are some of the hazards of purchasing aftermarket car keys.

Aftermarket car keys may be preprogrammed

One of the risks associated with buying an aftermarket electronic key for your vehicle is that it could already be programmed. Moreover, it would be impossible for you to detect this, so you will end up paying for it only to be unable to use the key. When it comes to electronic keys, they need to be programmed exactly to your vehicle's requirements. Once an electronic key has been programmed to suit another car, it is impossible to reverse the process. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to purchase an electronic key for your vehicle from a licensed locksmith rather than opting to buy them from an uncertified seller.

Aftermarket car keys do not have quality assurance

One thing to note about aftermarket electronic keys is that they are produced by a wide assortment of generic manufacturers. The generic options are what tend to have extremely low pricing, making them attractive to motorists who may be looking to cut some costs. However, this could translate into compromised quality. There are various ways that poor quality electronic keys would be a problem for you.

Firstly, if the keys are not inherently sturdy, they will be prone to breaking at the slightest impact. Thus, you stand the risk of being locked out of your vehicle sooner rather than later. Secondly, poor quality electronic car keys could also manifest problems related to the proximity required to unlock your vehicle. Lastly, the various buttons on the electronic car keys could stop working altogether, making the key of no use to you.

Aftermarket car keys may not come with aftercare

Another risk about purchasing aftermarket electronic car keys from unlicensed individuals is there is no way of being guaranteed of aftermarket services. Thus, if anything were to go wrong, you would still have to seek professional locksmith services. Thus, it would save you money, in the long run, to hire a certified locksmith to replace your car key for you from the onset, and they can provide you with a warranty.