If you've been locked out of your home or car, you may know to call a locksmith and have them assist you with getting back in, safely and easily. However, opening locks is not the only service usually offered by locksmiths. Note what else they might do for you so you can know when to call a locksmith for help, even if you're not actually locked out.

Your locks are getting old and difficult

If you have a hard time closing the deadbolt of a door, you might spray it with some industrial lubricant, as this can remove dust and debris that could be causing the problem. However, if the locks in your home are very difficult to open and a bit of spray doesn't help, the locks may simply be rusted or otherwise need repair or replacement. The pins inside the locks may also be out of alignment or damaged from years of use.

It's good to have locks replaced when this happens, as you may simply be unable to open them one day. Additionally, newer and stronger locks may be more difficult to pick or force open by an intruder.

For getting new keys made

Many stores today have kiosks or machines that make keys for you, but these little machines may not be able to duplicate a key properly. There is some skill involved in cutting keys, as the shape of your original key needs to be followed precisely on both sides of the new key, and the key may need to be rounded off at the bottom in order for it to move easily over the pins in a lock. Using a machine to duplicate keys can mean a poor-quality duplication that simply fails to work after a short amount of time, so it's good to have a locksmith do this instead.

For adding hidden storage in the home

Adding a safe to your home can help keep cash, valuables and important paperwork secure, but you may not want just a standard wall safe for yourself. A locksmith can help to determine the best places for hidden storage; this might mean a cut-out area under the floorboards or a false wall that actually opens into a walk-in safe. A locksmith may also have accessories you might buy for secure storage in the home; this can be fake books that are hollow inside, fake wall outlets and other such pieces that can help secure your valuables.